16th July 2015

Today the kickstarter ended and we reached the sum of 265 538 SEK! So thankful and humble for all the help backing and support!

26th June 2015

Today I lanuched my kickstarter campaign, super scary but excited about. You can check it out here!

12th June 2015

This spring has been an intense period. A couple of weeks ago I teamed up with the production company Indio. Super excited about the collaboration. And it’s one step closer to get my documentary film done!

22nd January 2015

Im very happy to announce that I have just received developing founding from the Swedish Film Institute. It’s a documentary in Afghanistan and the project is secret at the moment but the goal is to show it on cinemas world wide. If everything goes according to my plan I’m heading to Afghanistan i February to finish the script and then the whole production starts in march 2015.

22nd January 2015

Im glad to announce that I received a third price in Picture of the year in Sweden! The picture is from a story i did on David and Sorina that came from Romania to beg on the streets of Stockholm.