byline webbMartin was born in Colombia in 1982. From there he was adopted by a Swedish family the same year. He grew up in Stockholm but started early to travel with his camera. His first major project abroad was to cover the IMF demonstrations in Praha 1999 at the age of 17. The trip resulted in a photo exhibition at the Red Cross youth section in Stockholm. He then focused on the Middle East for a couple of years. At the age of 19 Martin did his military service as a photographer at the military magazine Värnpliktsnytt, which is a well-known school for many journalists and photographers in Sweden.His breakthrough came in 2004, when he was on a Christmas vacation in Phuket, Thailand. On December 26th Martin immediately started to document the impact of the deadly tsunami. His pictures were published mainly in the daily Expressen, but also ran internationally. For these pictures he was awarded second price in the Picture of the year-contest in Sweden; in the category for foreign picture story.In February 2004 he got a contract with World Picture News (WpN). Martin started to work for the agency on assignments around the world. From the jungle in Aceh with the GAM guerrilla to sweat shops and trafficking in Saipan. In 2005 he worked during the summer as a staff photographer for Expressen. Later that year he got sponsored by Nikon and are now on of their embassadors. In addition, the same year he received first price in the picture of the year-contest; daily life category. In the summer of 2006 he worked for the biggest daily newspaper in Scandinavia, Aftonbladet. Martin covered the acute conflict in the Middle East on location in Gaza as well as Beirut and Israel. The pictures of the grief on all sides were displayed in one of Sweden’s largest galleries, Kulturhuset in his first major solo exhibition. During the winter of 2005-2006 he used Singapore as his operational base. And between 2007-2010 he was based in New Delhi. In the fall 2010 Martin signed a freelance contratct with Expressen and are now one of their photographers that is working with reportage and cover larger foreign news events and longer stories. Besides his photography Martin started in 2009 to learn film photography and has since then learnt and worked as a film photographer with various of productions. 2020 he released his first movie that he both directed and shoot, “Cinema Pameer”.