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Documentary filmmaker & Photographer


M artin von Krogh is a Swedish documentary filmmaker and photographer that lives in Sweden and works internationally. Martin started to travel at a young age with his camera. Already at the age of 18 he covered the second Intifada in the Middle East. His breakthrough came in 2004 after documenting the terrible destruction and aftermath of the Tsunami in Thailand, as it happened. The pictures were published in Sweden’s largest newspaper Expressen, as well as many international publications, and went on to win numerous awards. Martin has covered most modern day conflicts and natural disasters around the globe. From Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan to Fukushima, Haiti, Mali and Kenya.

In 2005 he signed with the American agency WpN and stayed with them for a couple of years. Through them he entered the international market and worked with USA Today, Newsweek, Marie Claire, Sunday Times, to name just a few. He started to learn filming in 2008 when he found Cinema Pameer in Kabul and decided to make a documentary about the it. Since then he have worked for many TV-stations in Sweden and been a camera man in a couple of documentaries. He has won numerous awards for his pictures and both published and exhibited them around the world. He currently resides in Stockholm after living several years abroad in Singapore New Delhi and on the road.

  1. Life starts


    Born in Colombia and adopted to Sweden.

  2. Military service

    Information soldier

    Did military service at Värnpliktsnytt.

  3. Represented by

    Kontinent agency

    Between 2003-2004 Martin was represented by Kontinent agency.

  4. Represented by


    Between 2004-2009 Martin was represented by World Picture Network.

  5. Contract with


    Between 2006-2009 Martin was a contracted freelance photographer for Aftonbladet.

  6. Contract with


    Between 2009-2016 Martin was a contracted freelance photographer for Expressen.

  7. Represented by

    Moment agency

    Between 2012-2015 Martin was represented by Moment agency in collaboration with Institute artist.

  8. His first film job

    Pluras och Mauros tågluff

    In 2013 Plura and Mauros Tågluff is recorded in France and this is the first payed film job martin got. He started to learn filmmaking a couple of year surlier and side by side with his job as a still photographer he learns the craft.

  9. First movie

    Cinema Pameer

    In 2008 Martin discovers a small cinema in Kabul called cinema Pameer. It all started on an assignment for Newsweek. After getting back to his office he starts to edit the photos and realises that this story needs to be told as a documentary. The following year he is determined to learn filmmaking and 2015 he starts the production. A boutique production company called Indio takes him in and starts a long collaboration. The film is finally realised in 2020 and has been shown at many film festivals around the world.

Behind the scene

Cinema Pameer